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On the Set of Good Morning America

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Here's a photo of Gracie and me with Diane Sawyer a few seconds before we went live on ABC's Good Morning America last month.

posted by John Grogan at 6:10 PM


Blogger Lois said...

I cannot believe that I missed the GMA show.....must have been snoozing. I read Marley this afternoon and my stomach and head still hurt from sobbing. What a wonderful story. My dear Collie died the same way and it was so painful...for him and me! Strange isn't it that we suffer so over the loss of a faithful friend, and then turn around and do it all over again.
My daughter in law has a female yellow lab who thinks that she owns the pool and just allows us to use it. Last week she actually climbed up on "my" (how silly of me to think so) float, pushed me off of it and layed there like the princess she is. She also WALKS on her hind legs in the shallow end of the pool like a human......oh, did WE think she was a DOG??????? Duh!.. on our part. Thanks again for such a wonderful that should be read by every dog lover..and those that will fall someday to the enchantment of being one.

4:32 PM  
Blogger Paula1713 said...

Dear John,
Can you please assisit me in any way? I chose your book for my report in my Best Sellers class and I would like to add visual aid to it. Of course, the movie is not out yet as i would have loved to use clips from it and am anxiously awaiting to see it! Do you have any other suggestions or material I can use for this purpose? Please advise. Thank you,

8:20 PM  
Blogger Paula1713 said...

I need your help. I chose marley and Me for my book report in my Best Sellers class and I would like to add visual aide. Unfortanately, the movie is not out yet as I would have loved to used some clips from it. I am anxiously waiting to see it. Do you have any other suggestions or materials I may use for this purpose?
Thank you

8:22 PM  
Blogger xtrgr8chance said...

Loved Marley!

You need to read this..

2:17 PM  
Blogger xtrgr8chance said...

Try this link:

2:19 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Hi John,
My daughter purchased your book for me to read on my Alaskan vacation two weeks ago.
Only another dog lover can really understand the unconditional love that dogs give.
I, too, laughed out loud & cried like a baby.
We are now on our second yellow lab. Our first, Tammy, weighed in at her heaviest 107 lbs. After having a cocker spaniel who we just left food out all the time for, we learned that that should not be an option for labs.
Tammy ate everthing in sight including toes off boots, school books & money from our children's friend's tote bags. She became part of my soul and I wouldn't let my husband bury her for a week after she died (sounds creepy, but she died in the winter and we live in Michigan.)
Thanks for sharing with me.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Joe Garvey said...

John, My youngest son bought a yellow lab about 12 years ago. She has been the source of endless Brandi stories. I, his father, had the enviable task of training Brandi from the day she came home till he married his first wife. He took Brandi from us after 7-8 months of "training" (at least she was house broken while his first wife had her own momwnts) John set out to be the bread-winner and believed his spouse would come into her motherly instincts, but reruns of 90210, friends etc were too much drama for her to absorb and still take care of the ruffian blonde with four paws. While Brandi was being boarded as John took his wife on a vacation to the Bahamas, we, being "next-of-kin" were called by the vet in charge who told us that Brandi had thrown up 15-28 brads, and 27 staples. This was the good news. X-rays indicated there were an additional 40-50 brads/staples and som screws atill inside. He requested permission to operate, should it be necessary. We agreed after consulting John. It wasn't necessary as Brandi passed them in the usual manner. When we picked her up at the kennel, she lubricated the waiting area of the vets office with about 3 quarts of urine. I had used John's big Bronco truck to take her home since this was her main means of conveyance. She promptly deposited a large pile of excreta in the middle of the back seat. I am certain it was her messafge to John about leaving her with strangers while he went off to "vacate". Stories like ths are boundless.

She appeared to be a very submissive dog, flopping on her back when another dog attempted to dominate her. All the while she was counting the seconds before she would steal the teeth out of their heads. She had this way of looking at you that left you with the feeling that she absolutely knew she was much smarter than you, not smarter than you thought she was, but really smarter than you are. And then she would prove it in some way that left you counting your fingers to see if they were still in place. John's best friend told him to cherish the dog. She was his longest lasting female relationship. John's son is now 6 years old and has 5 dogs about him, 2 at his other's house and 3, including a now 12 year old Brandi, at his father's place. The other 2 dogs could be on another planetr as far as Bran di and Johnny are concerned. When Johnny comes to stay, Brandi is his constant companion. Brandi is not allowed up on the beds. There is always a lump under Johnny's covers whenever he sleeps atat his father's house. We are all anticipating with great dread that day when Brandi is no more with us. I have been through this with 2 dogs, a Lab/Great Dane mix, Cinder (died of Bloat or Gastric Torsion etc) and Jessie a full blood Great Dane who only lived 4 short years with us after we adopted her from her breeder. SHe died at the age of 6 years. We recently adopted Sammy, a male Great Dane of 3 years. He has one floppy ear and one that stands upright. He is afraid of nothing except the ceiling fans which are in 2 of the 3 rooms in which he is allowed. If the lights are out he will sleep peacefully until the lights go on and then he looks up at the cieling and sees the 4 bladed demon which will swoop down and do whatever. He was the omega in a pack of 7 Great Danes and 2 Boxers in the breeder's home. He won "Doggy Lotto" when we adopted him. He doesn't have to fight for his food, can sleeep wherever he wants, as long as it's in the room with the old Castro Convertible sofa. My wife had issues with himas he would not pass anything on command (hers) like all the other males in her life.(Me and our 3 sons) Just kidding, Hon. It has taken him 3 months to romp around a 4 acre field in Bronxville, NY where as many as 15-20 dogs can romp. leash-free, as long as the county mounties are not called by some irate soccer-mom from a nearby town.

11:38 AM  

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