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Monday, November 27, 2006

Here's one reader -- Jasper the Lab -- who really devoured my book.... Sent in by his owner Liam O'Connell, who is in the Coast Guard in the Houston-Galveston area. What's funny is that Jasper is not alone. Dozens -- yes, dozens! -- of people have sent me similar photos over the past year.

posted by John Grogan at 2:27 PM


Blogger Lizi said...

That is an adorable picture. I'm think my dog would do the same thing to our copy of "Marley and Me" if we let him. Which we won't. Ever.

Ps, I read your (Mr. Grogan) article about Black Friday and my younger sister asked (as a joke) "When's Red Friday?"

4:02 PM  
Blogger Lucky'sowner said...

what a cute picture and a funny story

5:21 PM  
Blogger CamillaT said...

Hi, my name is Camilla and i'm italian. I've just finished reading your book, and I found it funny but also touching. Marley was a genius! I also have an old dog, ad its name is Lucky!!!
Congratulations for your book :D

Saluti dall'Italia!

11:10 AM  
Blogger Carina said...

Hi, I just finished your book. I totally adored it! My friend loaned me the book, but now I want to buy it for myself. If I ever have kids, I want them to read it too! :) I laughed from the beginning to the end, and cried sometimes. Congratulations on such a wonderful, funny way of writing everything!
'The Last Home Run' chapter made me search in the for that movie, and managed to find the scenes with Marley here -->
I felt so happy to see Marley moving!! :D We can notice his great energy, eh eh eh!

After finishing the book, I couldn't stop thinking that Marley's death might have come a little sooner because of the family's absence... everytime the problem with his stomach happened, you were far from each other. He might have missed you so much, that he felt bad.
I don't know... Dogs can be so sensitive.

I'm glad to come across your blog! I will read it from now on. :)

Best to you and your family!

Carina~ (Portugal)

12:58 PM  
Blogger thefoolishvet said...

Stella (my Golden Retriever) is more into "class notes".

Picture this: a Vet. School student running after her dog who's about to chew up an entire binder full of notes.

I take it like she was telling me to work out a little more, do some jogging, instead of becoming hunchback studying at a desk ;)

Greetings from Pisa, Italy

(hey Camilla, did we just start the Italian invasion of the website?!)

11:24 PM  
Blogger Larinha said...

Marley is the best dog who I knew, you need to make a film about this history. My family loved your book.
Now I see my dog with others eyes.

Good luck

Larissa (Brazil)

5:05 PM  
Blogger Leandro Perlato said...

Olá Jhon, espero sinceramente que entenda português por que sou péssimo para escrever em inglês. Me chamo Leandro, tenho 19 anos, moro no Brasil, na quarta-feira passada (29/11/2006) entrei em uma livraria procurando algo interessante que pudesse dar de presente de amigo oculto foi quando me deparei com o livro "Marley e Eu a vida e o amor ao lado do pior cão do mundo" achei o tema legal e resolvi comprar, só que em vez de embrulhar para presente como deveria ser feito resolvi ler o livro primeiro, a para a minha surpresa a história que parecia ser boa se mostrou incrível. Realmente Marley é apaixonante, tem horas que ele parece ser humano, um grande brincalhão com muito amor no coração.
O final da historia é muito triste...acabei lembrando do meu cachorro, ele tem 17 anos e apresenta muitos dos sintomas que o Marley apresentava, mas eu não tenho coragem de colocar ele para "dormir"...
Bem,lhe dou os parabéns e também meu mais sinceros agradecimentos por ter compartilhado essa história conosco.

um grande abraço !


Hello Jhon, I wait sincerely what understands Portuguese because I am the worst to write in English. My name is Leandro, I am 19 years old, live in Brazil, in last Wednesday (29/11/2006) I entered in a bookstore looking for something interesting that it could give as a present of hidden friend it was when I came across the book " Marley and I it plants vines it and the love beside the worst dog of the world " I found the legal subject and resolved to buy, only what instead of wrapping up for present as should be done that I resolved to read the book
her for my surprise the history to which it was seeming to be good appeared incredible. Really Marley is captivating, it has hours that it seems to him to be human, a great joker with much love in heart.
The end of the history is very sad ... I finished remembering of my dog, he is 17 years old and presents a great deal of the symptoms what the Marley was presenting, but I have not courage for putting he to "sleep"...
Well, I congratulate him and also my more sincere thanks because of having shared this history

a great embrace!


10:34 AM  
Blogger Ana Martins said...

Hello John Grogan!

My name is Ana Martins - I´m from Rio - Brazil!
I just finished reading your book.
Thank you for sharing with us your story!
The book made me laugh. The book made me cry. The reading colored my life with love! Marley deserves this honour! I love him too.

You know, I have a poodle named Kin. He is special to me like Marley is to you. I cannot think of living without him.
I am 35y.o. and Kin is 7y.o.
I hope I share my life with him for long years.
Thank you! thank you! thank you!
I´m in love with you all, beautiful family!

8:47 PM  
Blogger bossy said...

I've just finished reading "Marley & Me"... It's so COOL! Now Chumi ( sounds better if I write Hoomee ), my brownie labrador, isn't so bad ;) Like You and Marley - I can't live without my dog, and he can live without me... Sometimes I just want to say him - I HATE YOU! - but those brown eyes!Who could do that?
That's right, Marley was a genius :D Now we see our dog with others eyes.

"Kochamy was" from Poland! ;)
Ula, 13

5:48 AM  
Blogger Chris e Giu said...

Dear John,

My name is Giuliana Bruni Candido I am from Brazil and I have just finished reading your book, and I enjoyed it a lot. Marley story is so sweet and your words touched my heart. You really had a special dog !!!! I can imagine how sad you were when Marley passed away.
I don´t have a Labrador, but I have a poodle who is already 14, but he looks like a 4 year-old-dog, he is very active,funny and still a troublemaker.
Thank you so much for sharing with us this lovely story!!!
Once again I loved it so much. I enjoyed every word. Marley is also in my heart.
This book will be very special for me FOREVER !!!
Congratulations from Brazil !!!!

6:05 AM  
Blogger napoleone said...

anche noi abbiamo un labrador (napoleone) e capiamo benissimo le vostre disavventure.
Grazie per aver scritto questo libro
Betta, Miriano e Napoleone

1:08 PM  
Blogger Monica said...

hy,my name is Monica and last saturday i've finished readinf your book...i've got too a labrador, her name is greta and she's 15 mounth....i hope for her an long life as marley....i've cryed so much when marley is death.....your book is very touching and i think that marley was very very adorable!

4:23 AM  
Blogger Sil said...


My name is Silvia Seles. I'm from Brazil and my English is horrible. The few words that I know in your language will be for give congratulations for your wonderful book. I laugh every line with the dog of my dreans. I'd accept Marley just the way that 'he' was: crazy a lot.
I didn't finish the book yet because I don't want finish the book... it's very coll to end fast... In the day that I buy the book, I read a fifty pages only in the way from house (twenty minutes...)
I want that the book had 1300 pages of the stories of Marley.
Thanks for the laughs.
Your dog leave 'saudades' in the readers...

Silvia Seles

ps. Saudade it's a feeling that means missing someone loved, but always with good memories.

5:01 AM  
Blogger Justin said...

Hey, wat a reader you 've got!!
hehehe..And hey, check out this post on Max labrador. U will find it interesting!!

3:46 AM  
Blogger Hudson said...

Mr. Grogan, in the name of the world, thank you, Jenny, Marley and also your family for this amazing, incredible history that remind us about our dogs and how live is beautiful when we learn to live it in a simple way. When you said to your sons and daughter that Marley now was living in the dogs heaven (even thinking this was not true), believe-me, he was. I´m from Brazil and I study the relation between the material world and the spiritual one for several years, not as a religion, but as a science and, believe-me once again, God wouldn’t be God if everything would have a end. Marley’s body was just like a clothe, and our body goes in the same way, but his soul (him, in another word) is eternal and he will continue living. Remember: God made us similar to Him. As He is eternal and have a spiritual essence, so we are. God bless you Mr. Grogan. Hudson Fernando de Oliveira Cardoso, from Bauru (city), São Paulo (State), Brazil.

5:43 AM  
Blogger Thaís Hamilton said...

Hi John!! I'm from Brazil,I just finished your book ,
and all that I can comment about
your book is that your book is PERFECT!!!
I cried a lot in the part that your dog died
I have 3 dogs, Nobody died yet! But in the day that it'll
happen I'll feel like you when Marley died
I really loved the story about marley

congratulations !!

8:21 PM  
Blogger mariacarolina said...

olá! my name is maria carolina and i am from Portugal. i started reading your book about 1 week ago, and i couldn't stop!Marley is the copy of my dog, Gaspar. unfortunaly, my house wasn't big enough for him and my dad gave him to a man who creats dobermans...
as i was saying, i started to read it and i am already finishing, but as you use to say, i don't have the guts to do it, i mean, i know Marley is going to die, but i don't want to, so...i mean, reading your funny storys about Marley made me remind Gaspar and i liked the feeling, but reading about his death, will make me cry again, for Marley and for Gaspar, and not finish it will make the story eternal...
once again, thank you for tohse happy moments you gave me.
my best wishes for you and your family

11:45 AM  
Blogger Thalita said...

Hello John, I am from Brazil and I already read your book 2 times... I also have a labrador that makes a lot of mess like Marley, than he is very loving.
I loved your book, and I learned a lot with it, mainly to love our dogs of the way that they are... crazy!!!
Thalita - São Paulo/Brazil

9:18 AM  
Blogger Groucho said...

Hello Mr. Grogan,
I'm Osvaldo from Italy and I've just finished reading your book right now. Nasdaq is the name of my Lab.. I've taken him with me when he was already one years old. Someone received him as a wedding present, but probably they doesn't considered that pretty yellow thing it should become a "destroyer", so they left it down and I collect him.!! Nasdaq has completed his obedience school.. I remember when we come out at 6 in the morning down the road (when everybody slept)to learn to walk close to me, to stay perfectly near my legs and don't run away eating all the trash that he met.. He eated my sofa, my chairs, my glasses, my shorts and my socks! But when every morning he wakes me jumping with his snout on my pillow, is one of the best gifts of my life!
Thanks for your book. I've found Nasdaq in your Marley. In our Marley.

Greetings from Chianti, Italy.

2:26 PM  
Blogger giulia92 said...

Hello! I'm Giulia and I write from Italy. I have finished to read your book yesterday and when I knew that this is the book's blog, I came immediatly! I have never lived with an animal, but after I read this book, I'll buy of course a dog. It's a very nice book. I have cried a lot for Marley's death. It's very touching!
Congratulations for the book!

7:22 AM  
Blogger Faculdade São Bernardo said...

Hello John! First my english is terrible, but I would like to say that i read your book and i loved! it´s beautifull ...

Thanks to did this book and PARABÉNS!


9:58 AM  
Blogger Van said...

Olá Grogan
Meu nome é Vanessa e moro no Brasil.
Li o livro e dei muita risada e chorei tbm, me emocionei muito.
To anciosa para o lançamento do filme, não vejo a hora. Tenho um cachorro chamado Mickelangelo e que tem o mesmo temperamento do Marley achei muito engraçado.
Parabens pelo livro e pela história.


9:34 AM  
Blogger Marion said...

Hi John, my name is Marion and I live in Florence, Italy, I read your book last summer when I only had Pepsi who is now 9 years old, a very calm, relaxed and easy going female yorkie pom mix..and I thought having a dog like Marley would be terrible for me and the kids, then in september little Sushi (all black miniature schnauzer mix, now three months old)came along and many times she's pretty much like Marley..she's wonderful though and we love her dearly, so, never say never..

11:20 AM  

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