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Good News from London

Friday, August 17, 2007

My British publisher, the always wonderful Lisa Highton at Hodder & Stoughton, emailed me recently with exciting news. Marley & Me had just been released in the United Kingdom in paperback, one year after the hardcover edition was released there.

In it's first week out in paperback, Marley hit #2 on the UK's paperback bestseller list. I was tickled, of course. But that's just the pretty good news. The really good news came the following week when Lisa wrote to tell me Marley was moving up to #1 on the UK paperback list. So far it's remained in the top spot for two weeks. Obviously, I am over-the-moon thrilled and humbled, and I want to thank all my UK readers for their outpouring of support. Thanks so much, guys! (And thanks for all your notes on the message boards.)

Lisa was pretty enthusiastic, too. In her email announcing Marley's rise to #1, she pointed out that during that week, it was not only Britain's top-selling paperback, but also its second-best selling book of any kind. After....yes, you guessed correctly.... the new Harry Potter book.

"What can I say?" Lisa wrote. "Am speechless with pleasure."

As am I, Lisa. I owe her and her whole team at Hodder a great big double-cheek kiss for all they've done to put my book in the hands of so many readers in the UK. Smooch smooch!


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Blogger Margaret Krakowski said...

Hi john,

We in Australia had the paper back version first. I ordered the illustrated version in February 07 and it came on sale here in July.
I would like to let you know also that Marley and Me was highly recomended in the " The 2007 Books Alive Great Read Guide'. Marley is truely alive in Australia.

take Care


3:28 PM  
Blogger stuart.gilbertson said...


Thank you for putting your experiences to paper! Your book made Sam (girlfriend) and I laugh, cry, and interact more than anything I've ever read.

Bracken - who is the UK mirror of Marley without a doubt - says hello to you! Woof!

2:24 PM  
Blogger Graham Adams said...

Just wanted to to say "Hi", and to thank you for the best couple of days in quite a few months.
2007 has not been the easiest of years for me: In January I lost my mother, and my father followed at the end of June. A family holiday to the Canary Islands in mid-July was hampered by my falling and breaking my left arm (after only 22 hours on the island!) And finally, after 18 months together, my partner and I split up. Some year...
Convalescing at home, I started "Marley & Me" yesterday: within only a couple of pages I was laughing out loud at the antics of the canine tornado, my only companion being the (black) Labrador "Jet" I am dog sitting.
Although not perhaps as manic as Marley, its safe to say he is just as big an idiot, and has just as much character.
Although the preamble to Marley's end seemed to prepare me for his fate I found I couldn't stop the tears when that end finally came. It actually took 3 attempts to get through the last 2 chapters, having to continually stop and raid the box of tissues.
Thankyou for helping me, through the telling of your story, to release some of the grief I feel for the losses of 2007.

Very best regards

11:50 AM  
Blogger Scooby and Terry's human said...

Dear Gracie

Our human got the book about Marley for Christmas. BAD NEWS for us - she had the book in her hands for days and didn't pay us any attention at all. She did laugh a lot and roll her eyes in amazement and once she even said "you two aren't so bad after all" but we didn't really know what she was talking about and went on with our game of biting each other's legs to see who would fall over first. But then she cried a lot and we overheard her saying to the other bigger human with the deep voice "won't it be awful when we lose these two". What did she mean? We won't get lost. We know our way around the garden perfectly well! She said it was the best book ever. We find that they don't taste very nice at all - humans say the funniest things. Woofs and Wags from Scooby and Terry your Labradoodle chums from England

6:55 AM  

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