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Friday, January 16, 2009

Over the past many months, I have signed literally thousands of my books. Each one of my public events ends with a book signing, and I'm always amazed and honored by how many people will stand in lines up to three hours long just to get my John Hancock. Err, make that my John Grogan. Whenever I visit a bookstore I sign whatever they have in stock for those who were unable to attend one of my signings. Yet still I receive a steady stream of requests through my email here at for signed copies of my books. Many ask if they can mail me books with return postage for me to sign and send back. For some time, I tried to accommodate as many of these requests as possible, but I just couldn't keep up. There were times when my dining room table was covered in chest-high piles of books waiting to be signed, packaged and mailed. I'm always happy to sign my books, but it became obvious we needed a better system.

That's when I turned to a local independent bookseller near my home and asked for help. The Moravian Book Shop in the heart of historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, bills itself as the oldest continuously operated bookstore in the world. Opened in 1745 a few doors from the campus of even-older Moravian College, it is still going strong and one of my favorite places to kill an hour browsing. The friendly staff there agreed to handle orders for signed books, and as of today are officially ready to start mailing them out to anywhere in the world. I plan to stop in every few weeks to sign more books as needed and to add any personalizations that are requested.

Thank you, Moravian Book Shop!, for simplifying my life. It will be good to get my dining room table back. And thank you readers for continuing to not only buy my books but want them signed, as well. I'm forever humbled and flattered. (A special thank you to my agent, Laurie Abkemeier, for putting this arrangement together.)

To order a signed book, go to and follow the directions on the home page.

You can also get there through my "About John" page here at (See tab above.)

Finally, a slightly belated Happy New Year to everyone. And a slightly early Happy Inauguration Day!

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Blogger Anna said...

I am glad to hear of your new book signing system and, of course, that so many are so inspired by your book. I just discovered the story of Marley and Me. Like all your fans, I was so touched by the real, tender story. As to the unconditional love we are blessed to receive from dogs (and other animals, sometimes people too!), what can we say? Amazing.

I have to say that I am equally touched by your approach to subject matter in your books. As a young writer, I often feel that I must write "what sells" or push some vague literary boundary to new spheres. While I do write for hire, I am still circling round my own voice. I have faith it will come.

We all learned somewhere along the way that you should write what you know. Sage advice indeed. But, I think you have leapt beyond that--to write what you love. After all, how else do we get to the heart of things?

Thank you for your words, and for your heart.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Jim said...

John:Good to hear about the dining room table. It's hard to raise a family in chaos with chaos. Let us know how the new pup is doing?

7:52 PM  
Blogger Eduarda said...

John, I'm Brazilian, and bought one of his books a few days ago "Marley and Me", got 13 years, and I have a poodle dog for 13 years. I finished reading the book yesterday, and today, I just get the movie, I see Marley and me. Well, as everyone knows, the book always account details .. but her book is impressive. I like the way you write, and how to make things, I love to read and I love dogs! In December 2008 bought a dog in one of the trip I made with my parents, I live in Rio de Janeiro, and we went to Rio Grande do Sul, is 1,900 kilometers, we were driving! And in turn, brought a puppy, named Willy, French Bulldog, he is crazy, definitely "the worst dog in the world," and furthermore, it is not that neither the traditional bulldogs fat, low .. He is tall, thin, and very beautiful. It has 1 year and some months, and hampers the life of the Bad-Boy (my poodle). The Bad, had several health problems, diseases had had problems in the hips and so on., And recently had a serious illness, and almost died .. If he has anything else, the worst can happen. Finally, I thank you for the lesson you gave me. I always like my dog (Bad) but never gave much attention to him, I know this already too late, too, and I am not going to recover all the lost time. I will try to do that as much with him, and with Willy too. Tomorrow, I will go out and find more of your books, I liked it very much!

Ps.: I know you do not have much to do with writing it, and I do not know if you will read .. but even so, it was a pleasure.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Cris Prates said...

Good to know!

6:42 AM  
Blogger Gi said...

Wow, that's great news!
I'm gonna check the site and certainly I'm gonna send my book for you to sign =D
I know that it might take a while for me to get it back then, but right now I'm so amazed by the idea of getting my favorite book signed by such an amazing author!
Thank you, John!

Giovana, 19
SP Brazil

7:45 AM  
Blogger Gi said...

I'm already ordering mine!

7:50 AM  
Blogger Camila said...

Hi. I'm from Brazil and I wanna know if those copies of your book will be sell here. And I wanna know too something about the movie Marley and Me. I've seen it twice and I haven't found you in there. I read somewhere that you and your wife would appear on it. When exactly you guys appeared?
Thank you!!
Camila, 18
GYN, Brazil.

3:12 PM  
Blogger cassieann123 said...

I went to see Marley and Me today it was such a good movie. I cried so hard at the last 30 min of movie, I have three dogs and love them all like they are my kids so i can relate to your story about Marley. I'm so sorry you had to lose such a good friend like Marley but just like you said he is in heaven and you will see him again if he doesn't jew everything up before you get there. lol

6:42 PM  
Blogger Vallim said...

This post has been removed by the author.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Thiago said...

Meu nome é Thiago Vallim, tenho anos e moro no Brasil.
Sei que o senhor nunca irá comentar algo sobre o que lhe escrevo e muito menos ler isso.
Mais vamos lá.
O Livro do senhor foi a coisa mais perfeita que eu pude ler em meus humildes 23 anos, foi a coisa mais cativante e linda que foi feita até hoje.
Seu amor por esse cachorro e a lealdade dele por todos voces é algo impressionante.
Sua capacidade pra falar dele é realmente impressionante.
Parabéns por nos fazer ler seu livro e abrir nossa mente sobre nossos animais.
Porque o amor que eles nos dão quase nunca e retribuido igualmente.
Agora minha cadelinha "Pitucha" é a coisinha mais importante da minha vida.

Parabéns pelo livro.


E me desculpe por não saber escrever tudo isso em Inglês. =/

12:42 PM  
Blogger mikemac said...

A lot of people enjoy getting a signed copy of a book because it helps them feel a little more connection to the author. On that vein, is there any chance of putting up some more photos on your website (esp. ones that date back to the era covered in the story) to accompany your new book "The Longest Trip Home"? I understand that you've changed some names in the book so you wouldn't want to splash photos of them on your website, but it would be interesting to see photos of the neighborhood, the schools you went to, the place you went when you ditched Mass, etc. I enjoyed the photos on the flyleaf and would love to see more!

1:54 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

I'm glad to know I can can get some signed copies of your books. Babba not Rooster j chewed up Marley and Me a few months ago.My daughter went and got me a new copy
when we went to see the movie and also the children's christmas one.But I'm going to order all yours signed. Hope it's not any trouble.
Thank You

8:25 AM  
Blogger booterss said...

I think your getting writers cramp for the autographs more than the book. See how difficult it is to hand write everything and I will tell you that we would not have to much history without the monks in the Catholic church who painstakingly hand wrote the bible and alot more for centuries. You can toss the church over your shoulder but you can't shake the unshakable. Everyone better stop laughing and look at the history books-without the Catholic church we would have no history-

2:26 PM  
Blogger deborah said...

The autographed copies sounds alot better than playing fan mail at the dining room table-How many dining room tables have we all shared with homework, bills, monopoly games, cribbage sets and wry comments and debates about who gets to clean up after dinner?-If your wife doesn't say this I will-John I love you but give me Park Avenue

3:07 PM  
Blogger Elaine said...

Congratulations, John, on your wonderful book, "Marley and Me."
I would love to get a signed copy.
You may remember me as the Kalamazoo Gazette correspondent, who needed your help with legal terms while covering court hearings...I'm glad you didn't become a lawyer or court reporter, although I'm sure you would have been a good one.
Anyway, I became a feature writer covering the arts and other "persiflage."

3:50 AM  
Blogger Lauradj_1985 said...

This weekend has been a very Marley weekend all round, I finished the book friday and have just got back from watching the movie ... I havent cried this hard since my grandma died lol!!!
I'm just so glad to have been able to read about Marleys life and to know I could get a signed book off John Grogan is the cherry on top!!
Loving reading the comments from everyone else touched by Johns writing ... :-) x

3:25 PM  

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