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A story from Patrick about Book And Movie

A story from Rachel about Love the book!!!!
posted 10/29/2008

Well I don’t really have a story to tell you about me and a dog in my life, but I just finished your amazing written book, Marley and Me about three ago. I decided to pick up and read the book first because I was really bored, and second because my mom said it was a funny book. The first couple of chapters I was sort a bored just because I am young kind of, 12 turning 13. Any way after those chapters I was hooked on reading the book! The paycheck at the top of the mouth and swallowing the gorgeous necklace you gave Jenny OMG that part of the book really stuck out in my mind!!! In kindergarten my dad brought home a cat, I named her Annie. I wish my dad would have given her maybe a 10 extra try because my dad said she is mental, because when ever we were gone for a long period of time she would poop all over the floor and laundry (ewwww)! So my dad got rid of her unfortunately. When you guys were moving to Pennsylvania and Marley started barking I thought he was going to escape, thankfully he didn’t! The whole crickets’ thing made me laugh out loud! When the end of the book came near I took a deep breath because I knew it was almost over!! When Marley was about to die and you had to make the tough decision to put him down or to have him go through the tough surgery I was heart broken. I was with you and your wife Jenny on that you should put him to sleep in stead of having him go through the tough surgery. When you took Marley to the doctors and he had to be put down I was crying for the next two chapters!! It felt so real as if I was in the book. I am using your book to write a report on a book that may have changed my life. Your book is so touching and meaningful I just had to choose your book. I hope all is well with you, your new dog, Jenny, Colleen, Patrick, and Conor.

Sincerely: Rachel 12, 7th grader

A story from Carlos Aguirre about The Longest Trip Home
posted 11/11/2008

John, thank you for The Lonest Trip Home. I devoured it the three days. Normally, a book that size would have taken me about two weeks. I relived my growing up years with you coming from a Catholic family, having attended catholic schools all my life. I didn't have an option as you did in high school, but I think that saved me. I wasn't much of anything, but in trouble quite often. The Brothers of St Patrick kept me on the right track, I've got the scars to prove it. I must admit I deserved every ruler, slug, and paddle I received.

I grew up in LA, now living in Colorado Springs and one of our five children spent a year in Pontiac in the JVC, volunteering at Lighthouse Community Development on Woodward Ave. I knew exactly where Lake Orchard Road and the hospital your dad died was. This weekend I will make a journey home to help with my parents. My dad has ALS and my mom recently decided to stop further treatment for cirrhosis of the liver. After five weeks in a hospital and nursing home she has decided to come home and spent her last days in the home she has known for the last 49 years with my dad. Your book has given me an avenue to burst out in laughter at the funny and happy menories, and weep openly about knowing what's around the corner. I've learned through a death and dying class I recently took that there is life in the dying process. I've cared for my parents like never before, cried in front of them, discussed the unthinkable openly, not worrying so much about when and how they die. But, how am I going to live today?

While living in Colorado, I only hope that I can be there when my mom takes her last breaths, slipping from this world into the next. Thank you for touching my heart with your words. Carlos Aguirre

A story from Patrick about Book And Movie
posted 11/26/2008

Hi John, I now have a labrador named rudy which is 3 years old and a poodle named romen which is about 4 monthes. good bye.

A story from Christie about My best friend
posted 11/28/2008

Dear John, Jenny, Patrick, Conor, and Colleen,

I adopted my first dog from animal control here in Arizona. My life has truly changed for the better. Her name is Rosie, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She is an absolutely beautiful dog. I started reading Marley and me the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving and finished it the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was such a touching account of our lives with animals. I read the last 3 chapters (crying, of course) with Rosie asleep next to me on the floor with her head on my leg. Everyday, I love her more and more. Your book reminded me of how precious life can be and how there is the inevitable end. I am lucky to have a well behaved dog as my first. Being my first, she will always be special. Thanks for sharing your story with me.


A story from (Ms.) Sydney Trevett about Marley & Me
posted 10/02/2010

I found your book yesterday at a favorite store and stayed up till 5:00AM reading. I laughed, cried and enjoyed every paragraph, remembering three dogs my twin sons used to have. Yippy's favorite place to throw up chewed plastic toys was in the middle of my bed!! Anyway, It was interesting to me that your son is named Patrick Grogan, as was my grandfather, great grandfather and great-great grandfather. Grandfather Patrick was born on St. Patricks Day. Do you suppose our families were related someway back in Ireland? Fun to think so. Keep up the good work, I will look for more of your great books.

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